Sani Sport less offensive!
Get the stink out of your equipment!

Kills 97% of all infectious bacteria and
fungus that lives in your equipment
Sani Sport
is used by more
than 15 NHL teams
and 5 NFL teams

Anaheim Ducks
Los Angeles Kings
Washington Capitals
Vancouver Canucks
St. Louis Blues

Green Bay Packers
New York Jets
      Sani Sport Facts

  • The waterless, patented Sani Sport Process is the single most effective way to
    reduce and eliminate dangerous bacteria
  • Making equipment wet through washing invites new bacteria to develop in the
  • The Sani Sport process is the only bacteria reduction system that will protect
    equipment from new bacteria formation.
  • Sani Sport is the most widely used bacteria reduction system in the sports world.
  • Sani Sport is the only machine that has earned the NHL's Mark as "The Preferred
    Supplier in Equipment Sanitizing".
  • Sani Sport is the only system purchased and used by NHL Teams to reduce odor and
    bacteria in equipment, and prevent injury such as MRSA infections.

How to get the stink out!:

Business (949) 309-3511
Cell (949) 690-1277

Pick Up and Drop Off Services Available
Rip Simonick - Head Equipment Manager, Buffalo Sabres

"The machine has been extremely helpful in terms of protecting our players from injuries. We also
find that the equipment itself lasts longer and is in better condition because of the Sani Sport

Pierre Gervais - Head Equipment Manager, Montreal Canadiens

"The Sani Sport has been great for our players. We evaluated all the machines and technologies
regarding cleaning and sanitizing of the protective equipment, Sani sport is by far the best
system for bacteria and odor reduction, and it's the only machine that we trust in terms of safety
for our staff."
Sani Sport Cost

Hockey Gear            $30
Goalie Gear             $45
Football Gear           $30
Equipment Bag        $10
Lacrosse Gear         $25
Catchers Gear         $25
Soccer Gear            $15
Baseball/Softball      $15
Sneakers/Cleats      $10
Helmet                     $10

Other                      TBD
Water Sports
Police and Fire
Protective Gear
Motor Sports
Martial Arts
Sports Injury Braces
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Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks
visits the SoCal Sani Sport booth at
the Give Blood Play Hockey
Tournament in Irvine.
Staph infections including the serious MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) strain
have been a major news item. According to health and education officials, the infection, spread
through contact with infected people or sharing towels and equipment, has been spreading
through schools nationwide in recent weeks. In addition, The National Collegiate Athletic
Association issued an "Alert On Skin Infections" to schools and The National Federation of High
School Associations said it would send a similar alert this week to state high school sports
programs. Below are a few links to current news reports as well as the National Athletic Trainers
Associations position statement:

National Athletic Trainers Association's position statement on MRSA
Bacteria found in Virginia Teen found in Other Schools as seen on CNN
Calls for School Awareness on MRSA on ABC
MRSA has Sidelined Careers, Even Caused Death on ESPN
More than the Nose Knows in USA Hockey Magazine
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including Staph
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SoCal Sani Sport customers include:
Infections Blamed on Football Gear at Huntington
Beach High School
Click here for the article in the Orange County